Anacortes Community Academy

Program Goals

·Help uncover some of the seeming mystery out of council meetings and the workings of government

·Empower citizens to understand the most effective way to have their sentiments heard by city staff, commissions, and the council. 


The core curriculum could include these subjects (but there may be subjects that are more foundational and needed): 

•ABC’s of Zoning and Development

•Open Record Hearings & The Appearance of Fairness Doctrine

•Communicating with Government & the Media

•The City’s Budget

•Comprehensive Plans

•The Open Public Meetings Act

Details to be Worked Out

Presentations could be made by the city staff. 

At the same time, members of the city council have expressed an interest in presenting some of these classes.  Additionally, a number of retired city officials (from Anacortes and elsewhere in Washington) have indicated they would be available to facilitate these classes. 

Michael Newbrough, Dean of the Anacortes Senior College, noted that this curriculum could be included in the college’s winter quarter.  The college charges $25 tuition.  Alternatively, Council Member Erica Pickett notes that these courses could be held in City Hall, free of charge, where they could be videotaped and made available at the Anacortes Library. 


I’m requesting feedback for any recommendations on the core curriculum or additional subjects that you think may be worthwhile. 

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