Getting the Word Out

In the short time I’ve been on the city council I found that I’m certainly near the last to find out about public notices and other actions being taken by the city in Ward 3 (and elsewhere).  I’ve also found that I’m not alone in this lack-of-information flow. 

Often, my first inkling of impending action comes in the form of the agenda for a city council meeting.  That’s too late for me, and certainly too late to inform those in the community whom I think might have an interest in a given subject. 

I’ve mentioned this problem to the staff, and I’ve been assured that this issue was also on their radar.  At the same time, my prodding encouraged them to take steps (with some additional vigor) to improve the information flow.

Now, as a start, all city council members will be informed of all public notices.  I’ll pass along those that affect Ward 3 to the citizens in my mailing list (if requested) and note them in this blog. I’ll also pass along any other notices that might have an effect on the greater community.

© Eric Johnson 2011